What is NT-proBNP?

Biomarker in blood to help detect, diagnose, and evaluate the severity of heart failure

Serial monitoring can substantially improve patient outcomes

N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide-guided treatment for chronic heart failure: results from the BATTLESCARRED (NT-proBNP-Assisted Treatment To Lessen Serial Cardiac Readmissions and Death) trial.

Lainchbury JG1, Troughton RW, Strangman KM, Frampton CM, Pilbrow A, Yandle TG, Hamid AK, Nicholls MG, Richards AM.

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25% change in NT-proBNP is indicative of worsening heart failure

Are Serial BNP Measurements Useful in Heart Failure Management? Serial Natriuretic Peptide Measurements Are Useful in Heart Failure Management

James L. Januzzi, Richard Troughton

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Our Solution

NT-proBNP assisted Congestive Heart Failure Management Program (Launching in 2020)

Comparison of existing solutions

Implanted devices

20-30 days before hospitalization

St. Jude Medical: Cardiomems
Medtronic: CRT-D Devices
Boston Scientific: CRT-D Devices

NT-proBNP monitoring

10-20 days before hospitalization

Jana Care: Aina NT-proBNP + Habits Heart

Weight monitoring

0-10 days before hospitalization

Medtronic: Cardiocom

Hemodynamically stable

Presymptomatic congestion


30 days

20 days

10 days

0 days

Days before hospitalization