Our Story

In 2009 (barely six months after Android was launched), Jana Care founders Sidhant Jena, Michal Depa and Prof. Tarun Khanna were challenged by an enterprising physician-entrepreneur (Dr. Devi Shetty) to build a smartphone app for health workers to screen for Oral Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease in remote rural communities in India. What started off as a side project during graduate school, became one of the largest chronic disease screening programs in the world and eventually led to Jana Care.

Leadership Team

Our team combines experience in engineering, design, medicine and behavioral sciences
Rajen Dalal
Sridhar Ramanathan PhD
Chief Operating Officer & Head Bangalore
James Januzzi MD
Chief Medical Officer; Professor, Harvard Medical School; Mass General Hosp
Vanshika Jain
VP Finance, Analysis & Planning
John Hurrell PhD
Chief Commercial Officer
Navaneeth DV
VP Sales and Marketing
Doug Crane
Head of Manufacturing, Boston

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Jana Carers

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Board of Directors

Jean-Luc Butel


Rajen Dalal


Chester Woolley

Patamar Capital

Arda Minocherhomjee

HealthX Capital

Rajiv Mody


Advisory Board

Prof. Tarun Khanna

Co-Founder, Jana Care

Harvard Business School
Dr. Michael Jaff


Newton-Wellesley Hospital
George Whitesides, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

Harvard University
Dr. Sam Dagogo-Jack

Chief of Endocrinology

University of Tennesee Health Science Center
Dr. Devi Shetty


Narayana Health Hospitals
Mark Kellogg, PhD

Assistant Director of Laboratory Medicine

Boston Children's Hospital
Dr. V. Mohan


Dr. Mohan Diabetes Centre
Dr. James Januzzi


Mass General Hospital
Linda Delahanty, RD

Director of Nutrition & Behaviour

Mass General Hospital
Dr. Tony Das


CIVA Dallas
Amanda North

Marketing Advisor



Quality and Manufacturing

We produce quality mobile lab diagnostics

We design and manufacture world-class in-vitro diagnostic medical devices. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

Our robust ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System enables us to have strict controls throughout each step of product development, manufacturing and distribution. We foster a culture of continuous improvement within our organization, and work closely with our suppliers to help them achieve excellence.

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