Habits helps patients embrace sustainable lifestyle
changes critical to managing diabetes.

Scientifically proven approach

The Habits Program is based on the proven approach of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), which proved that moderate weight loss was the most powerful method to combat diabetes. We have designed Habits in close collaboration with Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre.

Interactive lessons and coaching support

Weekly interactive lessons will help you learn simple and proven strategies to eat healthier, become more active and manage day-to-day situations that come in the way of improving lifestyle.

Digital tools for tracking lifestyle and blood glucose

Habits includes easy to use trackers for diet, activity and blood glucose with contextual feedback to help you understand trends and share reports seamlessly with your Physician.

Real-time dashboard for monitoring and analytics

Habits integrates clinic check-in, clinical decision support, patient education, EMR integration and report generation. Diagnostic testing seamlessly connects to Habits through the Aina Platform.

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Our Proud Partners
AIIMS, New Delhi
Narayana Health
Dr Mohan's Diabetes Speciality Center
Public Health Foundation of India