Aina is a mobile diagnostic platform to screen for and monitor Chronic Disease.

Aina for personal and professional use

The Aina Device can be used at home for the self-monitoring of blood glucose and other blood parameters. The Aina Station extends the diagnostic capabilities of a healthcare professional by offering point-of-care tests for essential blood parameters.

Cardio-metabolic panel

Aina performs five different tests - HbA1c, Glucose, Lipid Profile (TC, HDL, LDL, Trig), Creatinine and Hemoglobin.

We are developing next-generation tests for the Aina Platform to monitor Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease.

Test accuracy

Aina has been rigorously validated clinically and its accuracy meets regulatory standards for CE and US FDA approval. Click here for the clinical data

Aina goes beyond diagnostics

Aina integrates clinic check-in, clinical decision support, patient education, EMR integration and report generation. Measurements from Aina feed into the Habits program for lifestyle coaching.

Our Proud Partners
AIIMS, New Delhi
Narayana Health
Dr Mohan's Diabetes Speciality Center
Public Health Foundation of India