Our Approach

Blood contains biomarkers that indicate disease progression. We enable bio-marker assisted chronic disease management

Paper-based tests

First, we develop paper-based test strips for biomarkers that can be useful for screening or home monitoring. Paper strips are inexpensive and easy to manufacture and can be used for various assay types: immunoassay, enzymatic or chemical-affinity.

Smartphone-based diagnostics

Next, we turn your smartphone into a diagnostic platform using the Aina device to read paper strips of all kinds, enabling affordable testing anytime, anywhere. Aina costs less than 1/100th of traditional diagnostic devices.

Digital behavioral coaching

Finally, we use biomarker data from Aina to deliver personalized care plans to patients through our digital coaching program called Habits. All this at a fraction of current costs.


Bringing diabetes care to primary care

50% of Type 2 Diabetes globally remains undiagnosed and barely 10% of patients meet therapy goals. Our novel point-of-care screening platform enables early detection and management of Type 2 Diabetes at a fraction of current costs.

Diabetes solutions suite

Reducing hospital re-admissions

Congestive Heart Failure is the single largest cause for hospital re-admissions. Our novel NT-proBNP assisted Congestive Heart Failure program can help reduce hospital re-admissions.

Heart failure management

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